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Help Me Unlock Progress
Help Me Unlock Progress

I’ve turned myself in, so I’ll be doing a little time behind bars and I need your help to break free! That’s right – I’m headed to the slammer and…

Fitness & Friends With Mary Hindera
Fitness & Friends with Mary Hindera

Spina bifida is a birth defect. Working out helps with my disability and it helps with stress. I use a hand bicycle. I love to work out and be around…

CNM Student Day
CNM Student Day

At the end of March, Adaptability Fitness hosted a CNM Student Day. We had several CNM interns from the Fitness Tech and AAS programs in the studio to talk with…

Guest Post By Mary Hindera
Guest Post by Mary Hindera

My name is Mary Hindera. I joined a great gym in 2013. I can exercise while being in a wheelchair. Jerry has taught me that disabled or not, I can…

Winter Training With The IronMan Pastor
Winter Training with the IronMan Pastor

In November, our own Jerry Husted teamed up with the IronMan Pastor, Scott Bennefield, to assist with a two-part Winter Training Program. As a seasoned triathlete, Scott understands the need…

2015 Southwest Conference On Disabilities
2015 Southwest Conference on Disabilities

Friday, October 9, concluded the 2015 Southwest Conference on Disabilities. The four-day conference was held at the Albuquerque Convention Center and sponsored by the University of New Mexico’s Center for…


“Adaptability Fitness provides every person the opportunity to pursue a higher quality of life through adaptive exercise, inclusive fitness, and nutritional coaching.”

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2016 MDA Lock-Up

Wow! The jailhouse was rocking during the 2016 MDA Lock-Up! Jerry was in 3rd place for donations in our area, and couldn’t have done it without your help. If you couldn’t make a donation before the Lock-Up, don’t worry; donations are still open for another month!

MDA Lock-up

2016 Southwest Conference on Disability

Join Adaptability Fitness at this year’s Southwest Conference on Disability. Jerry will be giving his presentation on October 5th, at 2:15. The SW Conference is being held at the Albuquerque Convention Center. We hope to see you there!

Southwest Conference

2016 Parkinson’s Conference

 Join us for this year’s Parkinson’s Coalition Conference. It will be held on October 22, 2016 at Sandia Resort and Casino. We’ll be updating with more information soon!

Parkinson's Conference


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Adaptability Fitness shared Autism on The Mighty's video.

Autism on The Mighty
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“I’m only a dad with an idea. An idea that worked."

Adaptability Fitness shared Down Syndrome on The Mighty's video.

Down Syndrome on The Mighty
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Disability is not always visible. Your response is. (via Accept Difference)