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Personal, Adaptive, and Group Fitness Training
Personal, Adaptive, and Group Fitness Training
Personal, Adaptive, and Group Fitness Training
Jeffrey Abeita-Kie Certified Personal Trainer
Individual and Group Fitness
Group and Individual Fitness Training
Personal and Group Fitness Training
Group and Individual Senior Fitness Training
Senior Fitness Training


“Adaptability Fitness provides every person the opportunity to pursue a higher quality of life through adaptive exercise, inclusive fitness, and nutritional coaching.”

News & Announcements

Parent & Child Adaptive Yoga Classes

In coordination with the Carrie Tingley Children’s Foundation, we are hosting Parent & Child Adaptive Yoga Classes, for children, ages 6 and up, living with mobility impairments, and their Parents/Caretakers. Contact Jeffrey for more information.

Adaptive Yoga Classes

2017 Southwest Conference on Disability

Adaptability Fitness had the pleasure of hosting a session at the 2017 Southwest Conference on Disability. Jerry, Jeffrey, and Jennifer spoke and led group demonstrations. Click below to visit the gallery.

Southwest Conference on Disability

NM Parkinson’s Coalition Conference

Adaptability Fitness had a great time at the NM Parkinson’s Coalition Conference this year. Click the link below to visit the gallery!

NM Parkinson's Coalition Conference

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Jerry Husted is proud to sit on the NMACC board in the Speakers Committee. If you’d like to be a presenter or to see one of NMACC’s presentations, please visit



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