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Down Syndrome And Dental Care

Down Syndrome and Dental Care

Having anxiety over visiting the dentist is actually very normal and seen in a lot of people, but it can be even more challenging for those who have down syndrome. Patients with down syndrome may not always be able to let the dentist do what must be done, so being prepared is the best way to ensure that everyone involved will have a good experience.

When compared to children without down syndrome, patients are often seen with both baby and permanent teeth coming in at a later time. Delayed eruption is a prime example of the handful of common dental problems that are seen in patients with down syndrome.

Although, some of the common dental problems are as a result of other factors, such as genetics, for example. This can make it difficult to distinguish what is the result of the down syndrome, genetics, habits, or any other factor.

Listed below are the most common dental problems that are seen in patients with down syndrome:

  1. Large tongues
  2. Malocclusion
  3. Malformed teeth or microdontia
  4. Congenitally missing teeth
  5. Crowding and/or impacted teeth
  6. Problems with the jaw and bite
  7. Complications with chewing
  8. Inefficient natural cleansing action
  9. Periodontal disease
  10. Cavities
  11. Dental caries
  12. Gingival hyperplasia

Depending on how severe a patient’s down syndrome is, they may have difficulty with properly communicating the problem, the amount of pain they’re in, etc. As a result, even the most simple of oral health issues can become a major problem in no time.

Our friends at have published a dental guide for caregivers of individuals with Down syndrome. It looks at some of the common dental issues seen in patients with Down syndrome as well as practical advice for caregivers. Click the button below to read the entire guide, and to find additional resources for caregivers.

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