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Jennifer Trujillo - Certified Personal Fitness Trainer


  • Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) Fitness Technician Program
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPT Level 2 Kinesiology Taping


  • First Annual Parkinson’s Walk It Off
  • Parkinson’s Conference
  • ARC Summit
  • Southwest Conference on Disability
  • Presented at Presbyterian Hospital Diabetes Support Network
  • Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network

Growing up in Albuquerque, Jennifer moved to Belen in 1989 and graduated from Belen High School in 1994. At age 20, while being a single mother of her son, Dylan, she went to beauty school and worked as a very reputable hair stylist in Albuquerque for fifteen plus, years. The job became very physically demanding, and she suffered from symptoms of sciatica, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and plantar fasciitis as well as obesity. At age 32, she married but two years later found herself pregnant and separated and later divorced. Again, a single mother, Jennifer did not return to her stylist position but stayed home with her youngest son Richie for close to two years.

In 2011, at age 36. Jennifer made the decision to go back to school for her business degree at CNM. with plenty of assistant manager experience in the salon she felt she needed more credentials. Along the way she found herself taking fitness classes through CNM, which changed her life into a different direction then she thought she was in. Jennifer had never worked out as an adult and through the encouragement and guidance of the fitness program at CNM, for the first time in Jennifer’s life, she was in the best shape of her life. During her education, she gained experience taking several different fitness classes, when she began to motivate and encourage other students, close friends, and family, when it dawned on her to become a personal trainer.

After joining the Exercise Science program at CNM Jennifer fell in a step aerobics class, injuring her knee and damaging her ACL. After hard work and determination, she trained for a whole year before having surgery to repair her knee. To the shock and amazement of herself, her physical therapist, and the trainers and instructors at school, she was walking within days of her surgery. This rehabilitation process has driven Jennifer even more than anything to continue with her decision to become a personal trainer.

The day Jennifer met Jerry Husted, owner and trainer at Adaptability Fitness, who gave a presentation in Jennifer’s Exercise for Special Population class, Jennifer became very excited about the quality of service Adaptability Fitness provided. During the summer of 2016 Jennifer worked under Jerry’s supervision and expertise and completed her internship through CNM. Jennifer was then offered a contract position at Adaptability Fitness after becoming even more interested in adaptive exercise and the clients she had worked with.

Almost two years later, Jennifer has gained quality experience in training and continues to gain passion in her field through adaptive exercise techniques as well as the inclusive training programs she designs while working closely with a spectrum of disabilities. Gaining trust and respect from the clients she works with, Jennifer gives back with pride and diligence to give her clients the best experience and service with dignity, understanding and grace.

“I have a new-found passion in life. Helping others through inclusive one on one training to functional fitness for daily living, I never dreamed I’d be helping others gain their own independence through fitness. I believe doors open and close at the right times and for all the right reasons. Working with Jerry Husted is an obvious open door, with so many good reasons. The experience I have gained through Adaptability Fitness has given me new purposes beyond my own expectations. Witnessing my clients achieve a goal of the simplest kinds to huge goals, like walking into a store without being winded or having to stopping to catch their breath to climbing the stairs at home. Hearing that my client didn’t need as much assistance from their health aids, puts not only a smile on my face but in my heart as well…”


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Certified Personal Trainer

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